forms complaints

Pharmacovigilance Case: any complaints related to the use of one of our distributed products that result in Adverse Event, Adverse Drug Reaction, special situations include use of product during pregnancy or breast feeding, lack of therapeutic activity, misuse, overdose, un-intended beneficial effect, occupational exposure, etc.

Any complaints that question the purity, identity, potency and Quality of the product e.g. change in the physical characteristics of the product, missing tablet, damaged products, etc.

Any compliant regarding our service e.g. wrong delivery, late delivery, bad behavior of our employee, etc.

This is a whistle-blowing channel to report any misconduct of our employees including but not limited to: offering or promising a bribe. This channel is also available for our employees to report any suspected or actual case of bribe, money laundry, discrimination, harassment, etc. done by a colleague or a superior.

Note: this can be submitted as an anonymous report.

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