Our Mission, Vision and Values


Together with our partners and clients, our goal is to provide sustainable,
high quality healthcare services in Iraq.


With a focus on high quality pharmaceuticals, medical-surgical products, and medical devices, we aim to enhance the value of healthcare services for Iraqi patients

Our Values and Standards

Zakko Group ensures providing Iraqi patients with safe and high quality healthcare products that fulfill their needs. Our transparency with our partners and fulfillment of agreements and commitments, inspire trust and confidence in our business activities. Zakko Group is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations that ensure integrity and fairness in business operations, safety of products procurement, compliance with anti-corruption and anti-bribery international acts, and protection of confidential information and intellectual property. We ensure that all our key personnel receive the necessary trainings and are aware of our standards that allow them to excel in their fields and achieve their full potential.

Zakko Group is a partner of several international companies in Iraq.


  • 1963

    Establishment of AlFardous Drugstore

  • 1979

    Pharmaceutical Retail Business

  • 2001

    Establishment of Scientific Offices

  • 2003

    Re-launch of Pharmaceutical Trading Business

  • 2009

    Establishment of ZAKKO Group in Jordan and Iraq


We proudly represent the following companies in Iraq:

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